Media o katastrofie 10 kwietnia (screeny z 2010)RAI Uno

Włoska TV RAI Uno

Włoska TV RAI Uno
  • ccbpgjqXuPO 04-07-2012 g. 00:02:36
    when she says Also are people drievn more to complain than to recommend? of course!!! you usually don't remember to visit a website to say your hotel was great but you do it if it was horrible, you need revenge Another thing is that it seems like there are too many reviews! Sometimes you have 500 reviews for one hotel! Who reads that?People don't trust them anymore. If it's a good review they think someone from the hotel had done it and if it's a bad one, people think it's an specific situation that happened there.All and all, I think in the the future we will only trust our friends recomendations.
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