Sauna parowa czyli łaźnia rzymska w łazience w bloku

Łazienka - widok z rurą do pary. Pojutrze będę miał dekiel z plexi który juz zamówiłem w firmie specjalizującej się w cięciu i sprzedazy plexi

Łazienka - widok z rurą do pary. Pojutrze będę miał dekiel z plexi który juz ...
  • ken.lee 01-06-2007 g. 04:55:49
    Dear Sir / Madam, It's our pleasure to know your email address and company information on-line. Please allow us to introduce our company. Galax Group Limited- Sanitaryware is an associate manufacturing and exporting company situated in Guangdong China with over 12 years experience. We have developed a variety of unique quality Sanitary appliances(Acrylic type Closestool, Bathtub, Basin and Shower/Steam Bathroom etc.) for the modern home and commercial buildings. Features of Acrylic: 1. Reliability. Both of the tenacity and rigidity of Acrylic are excellent. For instance, when a 120 gram steel ball hit on our product from 1.5 meters high, it will not leave even a single mark on the surface of the product. 2. Heat Preservation It can keep the temperature for a longer time, and it feels not so cold as chinaware. 3. Cleanness Our Acrylic toilet can be easily cleaned by washing.The surface and siphon of the products are made from macromolecule Acrylic material, which is close to the density of nanometer material. And The smooth surface makes little resistance against the water.The siphon pipe, which is made from Acrylic mould,can be made into any shape.So that we can get a good clean effect by designing any shape to fit the siphon system. 4. Easy to repair We can just use sand paper to repair the flaw in the surface and keep it as brand-new as before. Contrastingly, chinaware can not be repaired if outside paint is off its surface. 5. Easy to maintain Do not absorb water, high brightness, no penetration, easy to clean and no dirty deposit. 6. Green and Healthy Adopt the advanced DUPONT building material and No radiation. Contrastingly, chinaware contains the radiated element like Zirconium. 7. Different colors to choose Every consumer can pick up their own choice of colors to show the personality of each. To explore more production information, please feel free to visit our website at for our complete range of products. We look forward to your inquiry soon. Thank you and best regards, Ken Lee Marketing Department Galax Group Limited
  • jacklgbnudxvteyro 08-02-2015 g. 20:20:23
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